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Professional Certificates

Mono Education is committed to providing cutting-edge and creative educational materials and solutions to assist students of all ages in realizing their full potential. Mono Education offers specialized web design, web development, Data Science, and UI/UX solutions. Here are different Professional certificate programs which we offer below.

The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics is known as analytics. It is used to identify, evaluate, and communicate relevant patterns in data. It also requires using data patterns to make better decisions. We deliver data analytics using cutting-edge technologies such as Excel, Python, and R programming.
1. Introduction to Data Analytics
a. Defining Data Analytics
b. Data Sources
c. Tech Stack and Tools
2. Statistics
a. Descriptive Statistics
b. Inferential Statistics
c. Probability
3. Data Visualization
a. Exploring Data with Visuals
b. Common Visualization Tools
c. Understanding Chart Types
d. Creating Effective Visualization
4. Data Wrangling
a. Collecting and Organizing Data
b. Data Cleaning
c. Data Transformation
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Data science is the process of analyzing large datasets to answer specific questions and uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations.
1. Introduction to Data Science
2. Introduction to data tools
3. Overview of predictive analytics and machine learning
4. Understanding data sources and types
5. Introduction to big data technologies
A. Processing and mining large datasets
B. Exploring and organizing data
6. Descriptive and prescriptive analysis
7. Statistical modeling and analysis
8. Machine Learning
A. Introduction to machine learning
B. Supervised and unsupervised algorithms
C. Building predictive models
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UI/UX design focuses on how products look and people interact. UI/UX designers use various tools and techniques to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are visually appealing and enhance a user's experience. They help create aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, and less frustrating products. We use cutting-edge technologies such as Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, etc. and offer a user-centered interactive design interface.
A. Introduction to UI/UX Design
1. Overview of UI/UX design
2. The design process and user research
3. Understanding UI/UX design principles
B. Designing Apps and Websites
1. Creating wireframes and layouts
2. Designing user interfaces and navigation
3. Integrating interactive features
C. Design Testing and Iterations
1. Usability testing
2. Adjusting the design based on user feedback
D. Advanced UI/UX Techniques
1. Working with animations and transitions
2. Designing for mobile and responsive devices
3. Understanding user psychology
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